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Saying a google in physical retail

Google’s tens of thousands of commodity linux servers would need to be scattered the world over so as to collect and then aggregate consumer interest.Nearly the same as, on the other hand.

Tim o’reilly bought back in 2007.Later on lunching with ceo

Friday working london, i can tell why.The idea is to set up receivers in stores and other retail areas to collect mobile data and analyze consumer behavior to help optimize lease rates, retail installations,., The big idea.Very large, in fact.

But it’s what employs this initial phase that has my brain hopping.

Mobile receiver’s initial phase can be somewhat costly, as it seems to require a sales force and hardware development/assembly to gain a critical mass of home-Owners to adopt its service. (The technology,

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, Costs nothing, Which helps to reduce expenses. )

But once has a reasonable amount of supply, the network effect of its clients are absolute manna from heaven.

Prominently, is highly useful to retailers and the like that want to optimize physical space(For reseller, conferences/exhibitions, or which ever), Even if the particular organization never acquires another customer.

It dawned using me, nevertheless, that once key mass is attained, can start selling monthly dues for the data to marketers everywhere, and could even start offering targeted promotional messages to consumers while they’re shopping.If i’m rob lauren, i learn how to that customers at nordstrom who stop at the faconnable display never make it to my displays, and then negotiate with nordstrom to interchange my position.

And if i’m gift shops at the gap, i’d love to get an sms ad that shows that i head to h for $10 off(Perhaps sparked by data in the system suggesting that tremendous percentage of shoppers who go to the gap later move on to h it’s good for Ralph Lauren Polo UK me, and good for the retail merchant.

If the tone is a privacy nightmare, isn’t blase about the case.Information collected is anonymous and oliver told me the company refuses business with organizations that may want to take a big brother approach to the data.

Google’s advertising machine works because users constantly tell google what they really want., In physically space, Is in the same.

It’s a huge idea, and a bit like google.At balance, google is unbelievably powerful as a result of data that powers it.At device, would be the same.

Important, having said that, google is useful to companies that want to search their internal documents or web sites, just as google desktop is useful to men and women want to unlock the clutter on their machines.Is proper useful to retailers and property managers, but it becomes even better once it has a sufficient body of data coursing through its servers.

Just started raising its next round of funding.It’s still continuing, but that’s computerized devices so exciting.

Matt asay is chief running officer at canonical, the company behind the ubuntu linux computer system.Prior to when canonical, matt was gm of the americas division and vice president of business development at alfresco, an open source requirements company.Matt brings a decade of in the trenches open source business and legal experience to the road, with an emphasis on emerging open source business strategies and options.He is a member of the cnet blog community and is not an employee of cnet.

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