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Patrick willis is moving your way up up the twitter charts

Patrick willis is tearing up the nfl and web.

David carr may be heading to phoenix, but don’t expect to see patrick willis rocking his jersey sooner.Upon hearing the news that carr would be seeing the 49ers this weekend, san francisco’s pro bowl linebacker was released an anti carr campaign via his twitter account.As the storyplot broke, this excellent came from willis’ twitter: “For real for the purpose.We have 3 qb’s could be better then him.That’s a complete waste of his time,

Frisco 49ers beat reporter matt maiocco felt the tweet was uncharacteristic of the blue collar all pro linebacker. “I don’t realize if willis was at a computer and personally wrote those comments. (But i’m verifying. )Maybe he made it happen;Maybe a co-Employee did it.Simply, last but not least, willis is very important what comes from his verified twitter account, exactly akin to maiocco, we thought please note were surprising, but before a few days ago we never knew of the randomness that is patrick willis.Literally, willis’ unexpected tweets have him flying up the charts on our most used twitter pages.Omg its crazy but so silly

Omg tanker, you are similar to such a valley guy.We totally need to watch clueless you have made.Just waking up and i really do not feel like cooking breakfast any single ladies have a good breakfast menu.Went throw back and heard sam cooke”Then a change gone come”

We’ll be truthful, this one was a little sudden.We had arrived certain willis was a kraftwerk guy.But there is one problem last notice and i have no idea what i’ll wear.Edgy

Simple fact is that nfl, jim.Make it simple and roll with the ralph lauren.Or give yourself the best cue from bruno and go dolce Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet UK gabbana.

“Lv, what do i mean p52?Are you wanting for a louis vuitton bag to match?Do you really require fresh shoes for las vegas?Are you in conversation with chargers Ralph Lauren Outlet: right guard louis vasquez?We end up needing some answers patrick.

Overlaid on being hilarious, willis is an authentic guy.After that his comments about carr, he apologized via bebo.We have to time willis and see what’s next for our new favorite guy to follow.

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