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Rugged suitcase for guys

In their search for the perfectly rugged duffel as in no wheels at edinburgh airport, dude two twentysomethings took a stab two prohibited at designing men’s luggage.

Today merion locals adam blitzer and alex realmuto sit at the helm of blue claw co, a just for guys line of travel bags and everyday carryalls which include waxed canvas briefcases, ipad masturbator fleshlight sleeves, then duffels.

Man totes be damned.

But crucial than introducing millennials to the prestige that comes from carrying worn leather, the businessmen hope to do their part to jump start accessories manufacturing in the usa especially when it comes to leather goods.

“It is important to us that we stay an american based operation, considered blitzer, who also, regardless of the promise of reduced expenses, has refused a few offers to take his operation overseas. “We have a proud culture brand.We understand developing facilities need more than a little tlc;They need a large investment,

I’m betting they are likely to make that substantial investment pretty soon.

The bags available at a facility in northern new jersey are handsome and roomy, yet clean and.They feature the Ralph Lauren Outlet UK most appropriate number of pockets a maximum of three as well as sturdy leather straps and trim.

Unknown claw Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts: co.

The baggage are sold in 20 stores, including rising ball and buck in boston and brooklyn circus in new york.They range in price from $62 for a material toiletry bag to $375 for a weekender.After just a $200 dealing in a sample bag, the private company made”In the several untold numbers of dollars”All over 2012, blitzer alleged.He contracts sales of $1 million in 2013.

Blitzer, 25, and consequently realmuto, 26, sat cross legged sunday evening at center city custom men’s clothier henry a.Davidsen, for the bags are sold locally.

They both wore cool dress socks in saturated pastels and brought to mind uber founder travis kalanick confident but trying to appear humble, transparent but keeping information at the vest. (Uber is the game changing taxi service that allows people to summon a limousine from their smartphone. )

Neither man has any fashion credentials.Before quitting to concentration on blue claw, blitzer worked in money;Realmuto still works at a boutique fashion pr firm in ny.But for instance as if kalanick, they want to change how their industry also, the boutique luggage biz does undertaking.Conventionally, packing a fashion business involved hiring designers, route makers, and sewers and sending it all to another country for mass creation.

But blitzer and realmuto realized winning a hot they can control their inventory, keep close tabs on development, and make sure facilities have qualified workers is to invest in construction plants here, blitzer suggested.

“The facilities haven’t invested in firms since the 1970s, blitzer rumoured. “.The conveyor belts aren’t electronic.Things are a manual operation.It takes longer to build whatever,

Blitzer is in talks with his new jersey manufacturing facility to contribute money for improvements, and he is exploring getting a leather goods plant in minneapolis.

Blitzer and realmuto grew up best friends down the street from each other.Throughout the fourth grade, they received black and red duffel bags for joining with a kids nfl quarterback challenge, bags they took together to blitzer’s family farm in maryland.

“Those bags truly meant fun to us, realmuto had to talk about.

They went to faraway organisations, but the two always been best buds, even launching two internet sites together.Nothing removed until blue claw co.

In 2010 while blitzer was living and dealing in argentina, one of his reliable duffel bags burst at the seams.He needed a bag but couldn’t find a level of quality one that he could afford.

Blitzer talked the idea over with realmuto and his grand daddy, daniel blitzer.Living while in just 1998, the elder blitzer had closed the nearly 100 yr old danbee, a menswear factory in downtown new york.

“At first i told him i figured he was crazy, said the 85 years old blitzer. “Then i gave him some acquaintances,

That first bag, the worton weekender named after their boyhood summer trips debuted in november 2011 and was sold especially online.It was a top-Notch black nylon bag trimmed with light brown leather for $298.It soldout concerts by january.

In june 2011, blitzer and realmuto presented a six piece set of luggage with vacation friendly names like gooseneck garment bag and old bay overnighter.Last summer time time blue claw co.Debuted the urban grouping for twenty to fortysomething men who live and work in the city and appreciate fashion.These leather trimmed messenger bags and totes come in five color combos, contain royal blue and olive.It’s all so ron lauren, so jack folding shovel.

“Our customer may have $800 delight in on a duffel, blitzer pointed out. “But he doesn’t want to spend that money on a bag only because it has the name louis vuitton on it,

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